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Cofunded by the European Union

Water-oriented Living Labs (WoLLs) are part of real life, with demo-type and platform-type environments with a cross-sector nexus approach to develop innovative solutions.

An involved community with WoLLs

Multi-stakeholders (including water authorities) are involved and committed to Water-oriented Living Labs. They can also rely on a certain continuity and have a good chance to continue their existence; thus providing a “field lab” to develop, test, and validate a combination of solutions. It also includes technologies, their integration as well as a combination with new business models and innovative policies based on the value of water.

Demonstrating solution efficiency: Water4All target and WoLLs organisation

In the context of the Water4All Partnership and specifically Pillar D, the WoLLs are crucial in realizing the goal of demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative solutions.

After a first round of assessments and interviews, the candidate WoLLs will be divided into two groups: frontrunners and followers.

The front-runners, on one hand, will be displayed in the Atlas of WoLLs to form a strategic network to:

  • foster knowledge sharing,
  • collaborate, identify and share best practices,
  • accelerate and simplify their process of improvement.

The followers, on the other hand,  will be guided in their betterment journey to evolve into a WoLL through roadmaps and action plans containing the core of successful practices and indications to implement them. 

Water4All to boost innovation

The partnership is set to boost innovation in the water sector on the European level and beyond, and the ambition to gather and connect every WoLL is a great opportunity to accelerate this process and set the standard for innovation fostering strategies globally.  

Other news

The Water4All Partnership - Water Security for the Planet - is a funding programme for scientific research in freshwater. It aims to tackle water challenges to face climate change, help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and boost the EU’s competitiveness and growth.

It is co-funded by the European Union within the frame of the Horizon Europe programme (a key funding programme for research and innovation). The Partnership duration is for seven years from 2022.

The Water4All objective is to enable water security at a large scale and in the long term. Its goal is also to tackle water issues in a holistic frame. 

All forms of life on earth need water. All human activities operate with this resource. Water is part of our everyday life. It is also integrated within urban and countryside landscapes. It is one of the most valuable elements we share with plants and animals.

These simple facts must be kept in mind to understand the Water4All ambition.

This resource is weakened in many places due to climate changes, and human habits. We know that we can improve the way we use water. Everyone has a role to play and especially the scientific research community.

Scientific research is the heart of the Partnership as It is a powerful tool to improve knowledge on preserving, restoring, and managing this essential resource. 

International cooperation is also needed as water has no borders on Earth and runs from one country to another.

Water4All brings together a broad and cohesive group of 90 partners from 33 countries in the European Union and beyond. This consortium gathers partners from the whole water Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) chain.